Nordic Water chose AARO

Nordic Water is a forerunner within water purification technology, and since its inception in 1962 they have developed original ideas and technical solutions for water purification and recycling.

Today they offer a wide range of market-leading products that purify drinking water, and clean sewage water …

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Welcome, Stena Sessan!

Stena Sessan is one of StenaSfären’s wholly owned parent companies, alongside Stena AB and Stena Metall.

Stena Sessan is an investment company with a long-term strategy. It acquires companies with good potential for growth and profitability; in order to become an active partner, the next …

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Welcome, Duroc!

Duroc acquires, develops and manages industrial and trading companies. With its deep knowledge of technology and markets, they are aiming for leading positions in all their lines of business. As owner, the Duroc group actively contributes to the development.

The group has a turnover of …

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Great interest in Aaro Systems and AARO Lease at this year’s IFRS symposium!

This year’s IFRS symposium is now over, and it was very successful. We met a lot of customers, new associates and colleagues in the industry and discussed system support, accounting issues and future challenges. Our booth was well-attended throughout the day, and it gave us …

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Successful joint breakfast seminar with Grant Thornton in Dubai!

On 17 September Aaro Systems hosted a joint breakfast seminar with Grant Thornton on the topic straightforward adoption of IFRS 16 with AARO Lease – a turnkey solution, at Capital Club, Dubai.

20 senior CFO/Group Financial Controllers attended, represented by 9 groups/companies. The speakers were …

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Full house at the Dubai seminar!

Our ‘Solving Group Consolidation & IFRS 16 Reporting Challenges Seminar‘ in Dubai on 8 August was a full house!

We had the pleasure of meeting 55 participants from 33 companies from the region, who listened to our lecturers and enjoyed lunch.

Our prominent …

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We’re starting the summer with new customers!

OpenSolution provides cashier packages, stationary and mobile cash registers, payment terminals, card redemption and computer-based POS (point of sale) systems, and short term payment terminals. The group offers complete solutions in addition to its proprietary software. OpenSolution has approximately 150 full time employees and offices …

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Well-attended breakfast seminars, 22-24 May!

On 22-24 May we held three breakfast seminars for customers and other interested companies about our system support for IFRS 16, AARO Lease Registry, together with a compressed presentation of AARO19.

The seminars were held in Gothenburg, Malmö and Stockholm. The response was great and …

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600Minutes CFO in Copenhagen, a successful seminar!

Aaro Systems was an exhibitor at the 600Minutes CFO event in Copenhagen, May 15, 2018.

Our focus was on the Leasing Registry and was met with great deal of interest. We made lots of new contacts and now have many meetings booked for the near …

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Customer base grows with Green Landscaping!

Green Landscaping is Sweden’s leading provider in management and fine planning of outdoor environments. The business idea is to improve the customer’s outdoor environment by providing services focused on high customer benefit, long-term sustainability and quality.

The business is divided into three segments: Greenery and …

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Welcome, Sandbäckens!

Sandbäckens is one of the leading pipe technology installation and solution suppliers in Sweden. The group offers cost-effective services for plumbing, cooling, sprinklers, district heating, industrial processes and medical gases.

Today, the group has more than 700 employees across 20 subsidiary locations in Sweden. Mälarsprinkler …

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Daniel Wellington selects AARO Cloud!

Daniel Wellington was founded in 2011 by Filip Tysander and is a global wristwatch group with headquarters in Stockholm.

In 2017, the company was classified by inc.com as the fastest growing company in Europe, with a growth of nearly 5,000% over the last 3 years.…

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New customer – Empir Group AB

Empir Group AB (former MSC Group AB) is an IT group that works in a variety of industries.

It is specialized in the areas of mobility and telematics, product and article information, and database information management.

The Group is listed on the Nasdaq OMX Stockholm …

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Cint chooses AARO!

Cint is a rapidly growing company that provide software and technology for the global market research industry.

The group have annual revenues of more than 400 MSEK and closer to 180 employees of which around 60 in the Stockholm based head office.

Cint have chosen …

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COO at Aaro Systems

We welcome Mats Tilly as COO at Aaro Systems
Mats Tilly has assumed the role of COO at Aaro Systems, since November 2017.

He has extensive experience from a number of CFO and CEO roles – primarily in the telecom industry. His many years of …

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We welcome Gränges

Gränges is the largest manufacturer of rolled aluminum products for heat exchangers in the automotive industry. Every other car produced in the world today contains materials manufactured by Gränges.

The foundation for today’s Gränges was laid in 1896 in Grängesberg. The group turnover is approximately …

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Another new customer this fall!

Storskogen is a privately owned, Swedish company that acquires and develops small and mid-sized companies. Although founded in 2012, today, Storskogen reports a total turnover of approximately SEK 2 billion and has burgeoned into a corporate group made up of 19 independent companies and 800 …

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Holmen chooses AARO for group reporting and analysis

Holmen is a forest industry group that manufactures products like paper, cardboard, and wood, and runs forestry and renewable energy operations. Europe is its main market – it has six production facilities in Sweden, and one in the UK. Holmen is also listed on Nasdaq …

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20th customer of the year!

CCS Healthcare is one of Scandinavia’s largest manufacturers of skin care, pharmaceuticals and hygiene products. All products are manufactured at the factory in Dalarna, where it started 30 years ago. CCS offers antibacterial care, skin lotions, toothpaste, and hydrocortisone products some of which are available …

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New customers during Q3

CellaVision develops and sells digital solutions for medical microscopy in hematology and is now a world leader in this segment. Its product portfolio consists of application and software enabled analyzers – a unique concept that replaces conventional microscopy. Its customers consist of large and mid-sized …

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AARO suits all industries! During the years first six months, AARO was chosen by:

Danish firm Junckers Industries A/S is Europe’s leading manufacturer of solid wood flooring for sports, housing, and workplaces. It is the only floor manufacturer on the market that offers its own care products for regular maintenance and renovation of wooden floors. Production occurs in Denmark …

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Newly arrived customers who chose AARO as their group reporting system

Hector Rail is a rail operator and independent rail service provider for the European rail market. Since 2004, they have been operating railways in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany and now also in Great Britain. Customers include industrial freight forwarders, forwarding agents, intermodal operators and traditional …

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Magnolia Bostad – Magnolia Bostad kehittää uusia asuntoja, joissa tavoitteena on luoda moderneja koteja ja asuinympäristöjä älykkäillä toiminnoilla, esteettisellä arkkitehtuurilla ja hyvällä muotoilulla kauniille paikoille Ruotsin kasvukeskuksiin ja seutukaupunkeihin. Kasvukeskuksessa on niin vuokra-asuntoja kuin myös omistusasuntoja ja hotelleja.

MPC Consulting – Uudenlainen asiakas meille, joka …

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AARO Word Reporterilla luot vuosikertomukset ja muut raportit käden käänteessä vain muutamalla hiiren näpäytyksellä!

AARO Word Reporterilla haet tarvitsemasi numerotiedot koko raporteista tai raporttien osista suoraan AARO-järjestelmästä Wordiin. Wordissä siirrät ne valmiisiin taulukoihin tai numeroina vapaamuotoiseen tekstiin.

Word-raportit voidaan sen jälkeen ladata uudelleen niin, …

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Hemfosa Fastigheter on julkisesti noteerattu ruotsalainen, vuonna 2009 perustettu kiinteistöyritys, jonka pääasiallinen toiminta keskittyy yhteiskuntakiinteistöjen hallintoon ja kehitykseen (koulut, esikoulut, hoitotilat, oikeuslaitos, toimistot), mutta myös kiinteistöjen hankintaan ja myyntiin.

Yrityksen päämarkkinat sijaitsevat Ruotsissa, mutta toimintaa on myös Norjassa ja Suomessa. Muita kiinteistöyhtiöitä AARO-perheessä ovat Heimstaden,

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Muuttokuorma on lähtenyt ja olemme nyt muuttaneet (melkein) kokonaan suurempiin ja uusittuihin tiloihin kerrosta edellistä toimistoa alemmaksi. Nyt meillä on tilaa uusille kollegoille valoisissa, moderneissa tiloissa.

Piipahda käymään (ja juomaan kuppi kahvia uudesta kahviautomaatista), jos satut olemaan lähistöllä osoitteessa Kungsbron 21 Talossa G, kerroksessa 5.

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Lifco, joka on OMX:n suurten yhtiöiden Large Cap -listalla, valitsi AAROn konsernijärjestelmän tueksi. Siten yli 20 prosenttia Tukholman OMX Large Cap -listalla olevista yrityksistä käyttää AARO-järjestelmää konsernitilinpäätökseensä ja toimintansa seurantaan.

Lifco on maailmanlaajuinen konserni, jolla on 135 tytäryhtiötä ja kolme liiketoiminta-aluetta. Päätoimisto sijaitsee Enköpingissä.…

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Our second customer in the fashion industry

We welcome Gina Tricot, our second customer in the fashion industry after Acne Studios.

Gina Tricot is a Swedish fashion chain offering feminine fashion for women, with the goal to offer its customers a new, interesting shopping experience every time. Since start-up in 1997, it …

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More business groups have discovered all the advantages of AARO

Aleris has chosen AARO as its group consolidation system, as have Capio, Team Olivia, Global Health Partner and Humana in the social- and healthcare sector.
Aleris is one of Sweden’s leading private social- and health care companies with a turnover of 8.5 BSEK and 10,000 …

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International webinar about AARO and new features in AARO18

Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in a real-time webinar about AARO, features in AARO18 and two of our Toolbox products, on 22 November!

As a customer, or recipient of a special invite, you are welcome to register and participate in the event. The …

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