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Practical information and registration

Registration for all courses is made here, no later than one week before the current training date.

Price per participant is SEK 6,000 per person and training day.

Price for Legal in-depth is SEK 9,000 / per person (training day 1 SEK 3,000 & training day 2 SEK 6,000).

Any cancellations must be made at least one week before the course starts. If cancellation is made later, 50% of the fee will be charged. If cancelled less than 48 hours before the start of the course, the full fee will be charged.

The courses are usually held at our premises (at the following addresses) but may also be held on the customer’s premises if necessary.

Stockholm: Aaro Systems’ conference center at Kungsbron 21, 5th floor.
Malmoe: Stortorget 13 B.
Gothenburg: Notified upon confirmation.


The better you get to know AARO, the more you appreciate its features, logic and possibilities!

  • AARO Basic training

We want everyone using AARO to be able to use the AARO system to its full potential. Therefore, we regularly offer an up-to-date basic training over two full days, in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.

The education makes the participant more effective and self-sufficient and is an excellent training for anyone who wants to gain a greater understanding of the system. The basic training is also held for all our new implementations.

  • AARO system administration

This course is good for those of you who are new to system administration in AARO or need to update your knowledge. The course is usually scheduled in connection with AARO basic training.

  • AARO Lease

This training is created for those who are going to start using AARO Lease.
Basic training in AARO Lease is in video tutorial (link) format.

We go through how to register lease contracts and how to produce reports and analyse the information.
The program includes specific functionality for AARO Lease, and part of some the basic functionality in AARO that you need to be able to use AARO Lease, such as how to set up companies and periods.

» See course content.

» Read more about AARO Lease (in English) (Pdf, opens in new window)

  • In-depth courses – Analyses in AARO and Legal in-depth

Our courses Legal in-depth and Analysis in AARO are especially interesting for you who have worked in AARO for a while and want to further develop and deepen your system knowledge.

  • Delta education

In our delta training, we go through all the new funcionalities in the latest version of AARO (AARO20):

  • PowerPoint Generator where you can insert individual reports, or a full dashboard while maintaining a live link in a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Report Subscription where you create report packages that can be distributed on a schedule or on request to AARO users, based on their individual rights in AARO.
  • Dashboard has a number of new features for both workflows and reports.
  • “Owned Company” can now be defined as reporting concept, which makes it easier to reconcile between reported investment in subsidiaries and data in the acquisition register.
  • The sum of the data in selected cells in a report is now visible in a footer on the screen, which also serves as a button to show more statistics values.

  • Toolbox education

Toolbox enables additional functionality, for example AARO Integrator, AARO Word Reporter and AARO PowerPoint Generator, which can be added to all versions of AARO. If you choose to install an additional functionality from the Toolbox range, we offer a suitable education.

  • Tailored training

Of course, we can put together tailor-made courses, either linked to AARO or other types of training within group reporting and consolidated accounting.

» For dates, see our training schedule

» See course content